Equity Analysis Plan Success Stories


We were able to show a family that bought a home in Ladera Ranch in 2006, how they could sell that home for $625,000 and then buy their long term home for $850,000. In doing so, they ended up saving $400 per month and had an additional $20,000 in savings that they did not have before.

We had the benefit of working with a family that was really trying to figure out how to improve their financial situation and plan for long term wealth and retirement. We reviewed their situation and we were able to show them how they could get out of an adjustable rate loan into a much better loan. This new loan not only is going to save them over $200,000 in interest over the life of the loan, but we were also able to show them how they could leverage their equity to invest in a rental property that would be paid off by the time they retire and will have all positive cash flow. This was one of our happiest clients and we loved being able to help them realize this potential.

This family had some unfortunate events that led to a significant amount of consumer debt adding up over time. This debt decreased their credit score and they were paying a significant amount of money each month just to cover the credit card interest. They were thinking of applying for Bankruptcy, but we were able to show them how we could pay off their debt, save them $1,100 per month and then helped them again 6 months later after their credit had been restored, to end up saving them over $1,800 per month and having great credit once again.

We helped a retired police captain and his family achieve their retirement goals after going through the Equity Analysis Plan. They wanted to downsize and move from Yorba Linda, closer to the ocean and also find a way to have a second home in the desert. We showed him how he could sell his home in Yorba Linda for $1.1 Million and buy a 4-Unit home in Dana Point that they would live in one of the units. With this $1.8 Million property, they would not pay a mortgage payment at all and still have more than enough funds to be able to pay cash for his second home in the desert!

This family thought that they were stuck in their current home with no ability to move to a larger home. After meeting with us, they saw that they could not only afford to buy the home they really wanted to be in for the next 10+ years, but that it was actually in their financial best interest to do so. We showed them all of the long term wealth benefits along with the short term payment differences and they are now happily in their new, long term, family home.

With the recent changes in tax laws, combined with higher costs of living, many families are looking to relocate out of state. This family was entertaining it, but wasn’t sure what it would mean for them financially and if it would really help them get ahead. They had the opportunity to transfer within their company, and we were able to show them how they could net over $325,000 from the sale of their home and buy a home in Arizona with a drastically lower payment and a significant amount of money added to their savings and retirement goals. We took into consideration the tax differential between states, and the monthly cash flow was significantly better.

These were past clients of ours that we called because we knew their oldest son had just graduated and their youngest son only had a year left in high school. They were not sure if downsizing made sense for them but after our Equity Analysis Planning, we were able to show them how they could save $1,300 per month and add over $200,000 to their retirement plan and college savings plans. Not only did they create a much better financial position, but they increased their quality of life as well by reducing the maintenance and upkeep of a larger home.

We helped a couple who was struggling to figure out how to finance a myriad of events in front of them. They were underfunded from a retirement perspective and wanted to help their children buy a home, not to mention, keep their cash flow in a good position. We were able to help them see how they could not only fund the down payments for both homes for their children, but how they could drastically add to their retirement and healthcare planning, all while eliminating any monthly mortgage payments and creating better cash flow.

We were able to present an option to a young family that allowed them to see how they could sell their current home for $410,000 and buy a home for $600,000. They were able to keep their monthly payment the same and have an additional $25,000 in savings for an emergency fund.

Many times people may want to move up, down or out of the area, but it may or may not make sense. After we helped this family with an Equity Analysis Plan, we were able to show them why the best financial decision was to stay right where they were and not move at all. It helped them with their overall long term goal and they were able to confidently make the decision that staying put was the best thing they could do. There is no better feeling than peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing and we were glad to help them realize that. We also helped them by ensuring they setup a living trust and connected them with a financial planner to help grow their wealth.